July 08, 2012

The Shark Party

It's been a year since the Cat in the Hat party so of course we had another birthday to plan. Stefan loves animals especially sharks. So that is how the whole shark theme came about. Here are photos of the recent backyard party with lots of water fun in the back yard. How great is it to have a summer birthday!
I saw the paper mache jellyfish in an anthropology storefront a few weeks before the party and decided to make them for Very easy to make: tissue paper mixed with white glue and water, place over balloon. Once dry pop balloon and you're left with the shape.
Party supplies available at www.etsy.com/shop/boogaboo.

Surf board invites (and thank you notes) with shark 'bite' cutouts.
My craft table came into good use...
A watermelon shark!

Bruce, the shark birthday cake. I tried covering it with fondant but when that turned out a disastrous afair I just covered it with good old buttercream frosting. The eyes and mouth are fondant. The black outline makes it all come together.
Thank you treats - shark cake pops. Available here .
 The boys even help to make the shark cutout...

Re-use and recycle: The paper mache jelly fish found a new home in the playroom and the table top covered with brown paper was used for a drawing on.
One very happy birthday boy!


  1. How did u make your cake

  2. Very cute! Thanks for the